No Worst or Most Overrated Picture Ever Again

Recently the BAM Awards had a change in which two categories were contracted. I never really elaborated as to why. No with Awards Season upon us the time has come for me to adequately explain this decision.

Last year, in reaction to the Razzies slate I debated compiling a list of stupidest Razzie nominations/wins but I didn’t feel like wasting my time. My point in slamming the Razzies is not to sanitize movie opinions. My point is that they’re lazy/pointless.

I personally, through the BAM Awards, do not want to partake in worst lists anymore. That doesn’t mean I’ll not express my opinion honestly. It’s prioritizing for me and a preference. I used to pick a worst, but felt like moving on. I write an awards slate, top films, horror list and older movies list so fatigue is a small factor. I’d just prefer not to dwell on the bad more than is necessary. Being excited about finding a film you love is a much more rewarding thing.

That reward is multiplied when you inform people that this is a movie they might (even by word of mouth) or express how you were affected. This is also why on my blog I don’t force myself to write reviews. Some, especially the bad ones, are like pulling teeth. I always want to be certain I’m contributing something that I find to be of value to the conversation on a given film.

As for overrated, and in a way underrated. In the case of those monikers what the perception of others is plays into it and if I’m making a list that really shouldn’t factor very much. Overrated is devoid of meaning if you ignore the commentary of others. It’s when you get to the bottom of it a meaningless putdown as it’s usually stated alone with not other statement. It’s crutch and replacement for actual thought. You can like or dislike whatever you see fit so long as you are prepared to defend it and that’s what I felt was the most crucial thing to learn.

Therefore, saying underrated alone, or even quantifying what was highly rated that I just didn’t like started to feel like a waste also. However, seeing as how there is still a positive impetus behind the underrated selection process, I will keep the thought and have changed the name to Most Overlooked Film. This may seem like merely a semantical change, but what it does is more accurately reflect my thought and decision-making process. In the past two years both with Toast and lat year’s Kauwboy I chose films I felt desperately needed a wider audience.

In other words what this means is that a $100 million-dollar-grossing film that was nearly unanimously slammed isn’t a front-runner anymore. Rather a film with little to know distribution that is great is.

So these are the most recent, significant changes to the BAM Awards and they should be fairly permanent. Now, with these explications they’re more formalized. Onward to the 2013 slate!

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