Calls to Action: Foster Campbell, The Recount and Electors


Folks, believe diatribes will be coming here but the main reason I started this page was to “do something” and encourage others to do likewise.

Foster Campbell is in a runoff (Novel concept, ain’t it?) for a Louisiana Senate seat. If he wins that would make it 51-49, which would give some balance to the Senate and allow there to be a fighting chance on some Trump appointees. Donate here to help people get to the polls, fight disinformation, and more.


The attacks from the right on recount efforts, which are legal and following deadlines are ridiculous. Jill Stein is still engaged in a fight. This is about integrity of elections, not the slim chance that it can actually flip all three states.  Help if you can and are so inclined.


Lastly, I will be writing to the electors. You can write en masse or find individual emails. I suggest you make it brief, state your best point, and make it public. Some electors have already stated their intention not to vote for Trump, contact more and maybe change more minds, make the system work for a change. Go here.