A Fistful of Dollars (Monthly)

A quick word about political donations here:

2016 was the first time I’d ever donated to a campaign. I treated my selections getting a few dollars each like a slate I chose for my own PAC.

Despite the unfavorable election results I’m undeterred. I get that so many things demand our funds, but if there’s one thing last year, particularly in Bernie Sanders’ campaign, showed it’s that small contributions can add up and make a difference. He touted the $27 dollar average. Whether one-time or in recurring increments. That amount or less can make a difference over an off-year.

The reason I say this now is that politicians are always fundraising. This is true whether they’re in the House or the Senate. In a post-Citizens United world small donors need to work en masse and consistently to make an impact.

Even though there are a few races this year, this is about shoring up coffers early for any and all initiatives parties or candidates may need for 2018 and beyond.

I personally selected monthly recurring donations to the DSCC, DGA, and DNC.

In 2018 I will likely select candidates/campaigns. If you prefer that path, you can do so now. The donate button is always active for sitting Senators and Representatives. Just take Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders as two examples.

And if you read this site and noted my support of Secretary Clinton, I did contribute to Sanders’ Our Revolution candidates and would do so again.

Whatever you do in regards to a donation, do so consistently. Vigilance and persistence will carry us through to 2018. Apathy and assuming a win will get us another setback.