Democ-Rat Digest #2: Races in 2017

Yes, there are races in 2017!virginia-flag

Virginia – Governor

McAuliffe is outgoing, due to the state’s stringent one-term limit. Dems don’t have many gubernatorial seats in this country so this would be an important hold.

The current Lieutenant Governor, Ralph Northam, is the likely Democratic nominee.

Virginia seems like a place that needs to protect Democratic seats lest they become the next state ruthlessly gerrymandered and voter-suppressed.


New Jersey – Governor

This one is important in the primary stage. Phil Murphy is the favorite for the nomination. While he served as American Ambassador to Germany during Obama’s first term, is on the board of the NAACP. His time as an executive at Goldman Sachs, is prominently mentioned on The Hill’s article, and conspicuous by its absence on his site. Murphy is likely imminently qualified and upstanding, but the fact of the matter is in politics perception is reality. Democrats and Independents are weary of Wall Street connectivity, and Republicans seem to be dead-set on voting red no matter where that may lead, regardless of suspected corruption or conflicts of interest. So Murphy’s being connect with a company largely regarded as a huge player in the lead-up to the Great Recession seems like a recipe for disaster.

I’d suggest support Assemblyman John Wisniewski’s bid, as he is the only true challenger. He’s the anti-establishment candidate and Sanders supporter. It seems fearfully ominous that this race could fracture the electorate of the state prior the nomination being announced with Wisniewski voters being unwilling and unable to support Murphy. Especially as he was the lead investigator of Bridgegate.

The Republican field is crowded, Christie is mysteriously going to try and re-capture the nomination (though it seems unlikely), so while beating him and all comers matters, how and by whom he is beaten matters also. New Jersey does not need to be mired in more potential corruption or even the faint whiff thereof: transformative not transactional is a powerful message, I hope sinks in.

Three Seats in the House will Open Up


Ryan Zinke (R-Montana)

Rep. Becerra’s (D-CA), as he is going to be California’s Attorney General; Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) as he is tapped by Trump as his anti-Obamacare secretary of Health and Human Services and Ryan Zinke (R-MT), who is Trump’s choice as Secretary of the Interior.

Assume Trump’s choices get approved for these positions as they are some of his least contentious selections, and there is the potential of a hold in California (likely) and a net gain of two (hopeful and optimistic but not impossible).

These races will matter and anything you can do to spread the word and support these candidates will be of help.

Here are some ways to take action now, targeted links above can help, below are general links:

Democratic Governors Association

Democratic National Committee