Thankful for World Cinema

Class Enemy (2013, Courtesy of Triglav Film)

In the first year I did this theme I tried to limit it to the so-called Old World, but that was on the site that must not be named. However, that proved too limiting and I expanded it to included any non-US productions in the years since. Almost always they are films with all or a majority of the dialogue in something other than English. This theme runs annually from November 1st until the date upon which Thanksgiving happens to fall. Below you will find links to previously featured films.

2013 (19 Movies; one introduction; one analytical post)

Paradise: Faith
Mother, I Love You
Blind Spot
In Bloom
The Green Wave
Once Upon a Time Veronica
It’s All So Quiet
It’s All So Quiet (Reading)
La Playa DC
The Notebook
(Le Grand Cahier)
Class Enemy
Two Lives
The Old Man
The Fifth Season
In the Fog
You and the Night
The Golden Dream
(La Jaula de Oro)
Child’s Pose
The Color of the Chameleon

2012 (12 Movies; one introductory post)

Black Peter
Simon and the Oaks
The Complete Metropolis
Bergman Island
Summer Hours
The Girl on the Train
The White Ribbon
Sin Nombre
Les Vampires
Before Tomorrow
North Sea Texas
The Witman Boys

2011 (12 Movies)

La Cage aux Folles
The Vanishing
Bicycle Thieves
The Green Room
The Annunciation
Son Frère
The Passion of Joan of Arc
Last Year at Marienbad
A Man and a Woman
The Sea
Night and Fog
Le Petit Nicolas

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