The Democ-Rat


A Snarky Introduction: To What this Page Is

Richard Roeper has shared the above sentiment several times over, and I agree wholeheartedly. In Roeper’s refuting people I’ve learned the number of topics he’s written on. Don’t believe me? Check his Amazon page! There are books on movies, of course, but also urban legends, baseball, and politics. How can one brain hold knowledge, in sufficient amounts to form thoughts and opinions, on various subjects?

Everyone knows critics  and film buffs fall out of the womb and are instantly schooled in mise-en- scène and learn just enough of the alphabet to begin to form opinions on film theory, and aren’t taught how to use scissors.

The above is the kind of reaction that I’m bracing for. This will be my space to share long form topics and some anecdotes on politics and allow my social media presences to be more diverse.


If you’re uninterested in politics, or my views on them, you’re more than welcome to ignore them and visit my main page for film thoughts only – any crossover will appear on the Movie Rat like my Trump and Pence pieces, more serious topics will be dealt with here. On my About page you’ll find other facts about my non-film life (that has monopolized more of my time lately) which you could take or leave including my works currently on eBook. I can’t function in other fashions without a space to share ideas (John Oliver’s internet void won’t help here).

Thanks! For those still interested, watch this space!