Short Film Saturday: The Music Box (1932)

I wrote about this film as part of the Nuts in May blogathon a while backblogathon. The link to this film I posted in that article no longer works, I found one that does for now and decided to share it for Short Film Saturday. Not only is this probably Laurel and Hardy at their best but it was honored with one of the first Oscars for Best Live Action Short Film – Comedy (alongside Wrestling Swordfish in the Live Action Short Film -Novelty Category).


Short Film Saturday: “Spies” featuring Private Snafu

The crew at Warner Brothers Animation, not unlike Disney, made some propaganda films during World War II. The Warner series was helmed by Chuck Jones with the voice talents of Mel Blanc and featured a character crafted to show soldiers and citizens what not to do. His name is Private Snafu.

National Coming Out Day

Over the past year, postings on this site have been a bit sparse but one of the more significant ones was for the Things I Learned From the Movies Blogathon (just after National Coming Out Day 2016). It was my coming out on this blog, and those stories real and fictionalized matter. The short below has been released in the past year and made quite a big splash on fictionalized end.


The day matters not as a compulsory exercise but rather to raise awareness. Here’s an example of how a real-life coming out can have an impact on others (Yes, this means you need to read a long Instagram caption. #sorrynotsorry).


Happy National Coming Out Day!