Democ-Rat Digest #4

What I loved about the Women’s March is the mobilization of the masses.

What I railed against during the campaign is the way the results were likely to reflect desires for a top-down approach to fixing government. Grassroots and bottom-up is the only way to go.

So today’s digest features two examples of such efforts:


First, on a more national level. Look into supporting Swing Left, which will direct you to volunteer in your nearest “swing district.” Their slogan is: It Starts with the House. And that is very true and bears noting.


Close to my home, is an example of what you should look for locally. In Delaware one State Senate Seat is vacated (Bethany Hall-Long will now be Lieutenant Governor). That seat could turn the State Senate red. Mike Pence has noticed and plans to campaign for the Republican contender. Clearly, I support Stephanie Hansen. Our State Senate doesn’t need to become a center for obstruction against the State House and Governor’s office.


Also, keep checking White House petitions. Here’s a new one that matters, don’t let Trump kill the NEA.