The Movie Rat

BAM Awards (All Rights Reserved)

The Movie Rat debuted in February of 2011. After a little under two years blogging at a site I still refer to as The Site That Must Not Be Named (Potter references), I was dissatisfied with the inability to set my own agenda and the implication that some of my priorities weren’t up to snuff.

I decided then to join Wordpess where I would be allowed to build my blog the way I saw fit.

After considerable debate I settled on a name The Movie Rat. I came up with the name when I hearkened back to junior high school where a friend of mine would meet every weekend for Saturday matinees. We hung out there all day and rarely did anything else – even go to the mall. We weren’t mallrats. We were movie rats. The name was something I recalled, and it fit this notion. I was still as obsessed as ever and seeking out new avenues to watch, titles to see, ideas about film, and the freedom to explore what compelled me – not what was always prescribed and preferred.

Ultimately, I’ve not regretted the decision one bit. I found a new, better home for my annual awards, and have been building a site where I’ve discovered many great titles, film lovers, and consistently reinvented themes in order to try and satisfy and diversify my viewing habits.

On the menu you can see many of the annual and weekly themes, but I will try and tweak them. I’m glad you’ve stop by and I hope I am continuing to live up to my manifesto


Bernardo Villela, The Movie Rat

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