Updates: November 3rd, 2015

As you can confirm here on this Letterboxd list this year’s 61 Days of Halloween was a bust in terms of achieving the implicit movie-a-day quota.

As time goes on things change, and one thing that has definitely changed is in a desire to get scheduled ahead of time on the blog. This desire to allow myself more freedom to pursue longer-running projects and write the new content I want to write when I feel up to it, has made it more easy for me to view films in an eclectic manner.

This is not to say that the categories of 31 Days of Oscar, March to Disney, Poverty Row April, 61 Days of Halloween, Thankful for World Cinema and Year-End Dash will cease to be. It only means that they will not be wall-to-wall (as previous updates already indicate) but they will also not always be exclusive to the time period. Mind you, I will likely not change the names so they’re all still searchable for you.

Halloween (1978, Compass International)

Should new themes make sense for upcoming months that would be unique and make sense for short runs they will happen.

Stay tuned. In the meantime, I have new blogathon contributions to come. Which you will be able to see on upcoming reblogs.