31 Days of Oscar Recap, or Viewing Patterns Redefined

I was going to beat myself far more in the title of this blog post. The reason for that is that my viewing of 31 Days of Oscar titles on TCM itself was virtually non-existent.

Those titles were:

42nd Street


Good News

Good News (1947, MGM)

Others that were Oscar nominees were:

Rooty Toot Toot

Rooty Toot Toot (1951, UPa/Columbia)

Coming soon to a Short Film Saturday post!

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971, Disney)

Which will be featured during March to Disney!

This year’s nominated Live Action and Animated shorts.


Woody Woodypecker (Universal)

Assorted Woody Woodpecker shorts.

Essentially what I discovered, finally, is that my viewing habits are too prone to whimsy, too sporadic to be confined to one niche for very long. So preparations for things like 31 Days of Oscar, March to Disney, Poverty Row April, 61 Days of Halloween and Thankful for World Cinema have to be going on all the time.

Sorry to spend all this time on the machinations, but I debated whether or not to even write about it with such low volume. However, if you still can’t get enough Oscar content; I did participate in the 31 Days of Oscarmblogathon four times over: here, here, here and here.

I do have many selections saved on DVR that I hope to get to. Disney an other regularly scheduled programming kicks back in tomorrow!


  1. Ms. Coolsville · March 5, 2015

    The picture of Peter Lawford and June Allyson made me smile – love them!

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