Updates: 2014 So Far

OK, this used to be, for the short time it existed last year, a bi-weekly (or so), post. Well, the beginning of this year has been a bit hectic, and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime too soon. I do have to find time to draft posts that will keep the site current and more manageable. However, things haven’t been as stagnant around here as you, Dear Reader, may believe.

Firstly, for the most part I got the 2013 BAM Award nominations and Honorees posted in a fairly timely fashion. The timetable definitely worked for me and will be re-implemented this year.

I was a bit slow to get all the historical lists updated, but they now are. They are easily found under BAM Awards in the menu bar.

Speaking of the menu bar, most of the recent updates that may not have reached you all have concerned the addition of new pages. Under the Themes tab you will find pages for many of my perennial topics such as 31 Days of Oscar, March to Disney, Poverty Row April, 61 Days of Halloween, Thankful for World Cinema thus far.

As for logging, that is taking a more deliberate approach as well. The BAM Award Considerations will post once and not be updated. Therefore, they will be up at the end of their respective month, or at the start of the following month. The January post can be found here.

My Radar has been updated and one title, at least, will be scratched off soon.

As for Films Viewed in 2014 that needs to be updated as it is quite behind.

Similarly, another post only being updated once monthly will be Considerations Favorite Older Film of 2014.

I’ve also been a bit lax in the Shameless Self-Promotion Department. So much so that I neglected to mention that I contributed a post to the LAMB Devours the Oscars series. I also frequently submit links to Foreign Chops and Classic Chops. Those posts are a great way to catch up and discover other blogs. Another way is that you can follow me on Twitter or like The Movie Rat on Facebook.

Next, I believe I’ll start with some My Ballot posts, similar to this one and move on from there and get caught up slowly but surely. The goal is to spend less time updating running lists and more time creating new content. That goal has not yet been achieved, but if you have patience you will see it come to fruition. As always, thank you for stopping by, and taking your time to read the site.