My Radar 2014

This is a list I started last year to try and track some necessary viewing. It will serve as an unofficial checklist for my BAM Awards. I will not hold up the awards in anticipation of seeing these films. A deadline is a deadline. It will help me either define Gray Area films or keep an eye out for undistributed titles. Secondly, this will serve as a back-up to my watchlist on GoWatchIt, which is a great site to get notifications about film releases. I anticipate I’ll update this monthly as I do with films watched and older film posts.

The Carry-Over Titles

Some titles did not see, or get adequate distribution last year, and some I have my eye on early; therefore, they make a return appearance.

1. The Dirties

The Dirties (2012, Phase 4)

Heard it was picked up by Phase 4.

2. Faust

Heard of Sokurov’s version last year. Currently at Film Forum in NY.

3. Tragedy of Man

The Tragedy of Man (2011, Mozinet)

I know this hit an New York screen while I was not there. Haven’t heard about it being on video.

The following films are those which are on my GoWatchIt queue as of today (5/15/13):

4. Me and You
5. Reality
6. Good For Nothing
7. Just the Wind
8. Thursday Through Sunday
9. Father’s Chair

The following are selections based on Larry Richman’s top picks of 2012.

Dead Europe (2012, Wild Bunch)

10. Vanishing Waves
11. Una Noche
12. Pavilion
13. Apartment in Athens
14. Blackbird

And a random one I just called which stars a BAM Nominee from last year for Best Original Song, Troye Sivan.

Spud 2: The Madness Continues (2013, Nu Metro Films)

15. Spud 2: The Madness Continues

16. Heli
17. Ilo Ilo
18. The Past
19. Satellite Boy
20. Summerhood
21. The Human Promise

21. The Rocket
22. The Weight of Elephants
23. The Double
24. Staten Island Summer
25. Leap 4 Your Life

26. The Art of the Steal
27. Grand Piano
28. Slow West
29. Beyond the Heavens
30. Bunks

31. Category 8
32. The Fall
33. Child of God

34. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair


Yes, I know the odds are I won’t miss this one. However, not only do I plan for many of these titles to crossover into next year (and beyond) but this is the film I wanted next.

35. The Borgman
36. Joe
37. Concrete Night
39. Rhymes for Young Ghouls
40. WNUF Halloween Special

41. Torment
42. Kid
43. Into the Woods

New Titles

44. Boyhood
45. Cooties
46. Whiplash
47. Maze Runner
48. After Tiller
49. Hors Satan
50. Abuse of Weakness
51. Camile Claudel 1915
52. Stranger by the Lake
53. A Touch of Sin
54. La Jalousie
57. Nobody’s Daughter Haewon
58. The Young Ones
59. Age of Panic

60. Walking with the Enemy
61. The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Him and Her
62. Lonely Boy
63. Oculus
64. Concrete Night
65. Moebius
66. Nothing Bad Can Happen
67. Why Don’t You Play in Hell?
68. Eastern Boys
69. Plus One
70. 7 Boxes

71. Marina
72. Noah
73. Midnight Sun
74. Skavengers
75. Mercy
76. Sins of Our Youth
77. Dear Eleanor
78. Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn
79. The Between
80. Low Down

81. Maleficent
82. Olive’s Ocean
83. Locke
84. The First
85. Pawn Sacrifice
86. The Great Gilly Hopkins
87. La beauté des loutres
88. Bastards
89. Explosion
90. Watercolor Postcards

91. The Deadlands
92. Genesis
93. Hellions
94. Wish I Was Here
95. London Town
96. V8 – Die Rache des Nitros
97. X Plus Y
98. 2 Autumns, Three Winters
99. La Belle Vie
100. Among the Living

101. 2 Temps, 3 Mouvements
102. Skating to New York
103. Dark Places
104. Grass Stains
105. The Forger
106. The Boxtrolls
107. A Birder’s Guide to Everything
108. The Wilderness of James