The 93rd Academy Awards

Well, it’s been a long-ass year, and though I’ve not seen many of tonight’s nominees…let’s do this anyway!

Gotta say I’m loving skipping the 8:00-8:30 bloc of fluff interviews.

What Regina King said is very true about film helping me through the pandemic, mostly in older things. To see what I’ve been watching follow me on Letterboxd.

Promising Young Woman I did see and this screenplay award is well deserved.

Seeing this set-up for the awards makes me think of the photos of the first ever ceremony I’ve seen.

The Father is at or near the top of my must-see list.

Weird that Best International Film had decontextualized images without dialogue for three of the five films. Vinterberg being nominated as Best Director gave away who the winner would be.

His speech was the most moving part of the show so far.

Not adhering to Oscar traditions will make this show memorable.

Kaluuya’s win is very pleasing. If you want to see where I first saw him watch The Fades.

Saw Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom liking this hair and make-up win.

Best Director went out early in the night!

Nothing diminishes cinematography more than hearing approaches described while seeing zero footage.

This will forever be the Oscars Glenn Close did “the butt.”

However, what was the deal with the audio in that segment and through most of the night.

Then, on my ABC affiliate anyway, the commercial break went on too long and cut-in to Angela Bassett’s speech midway through.

Am I missing something, why is Best Picture announced before Best Actor and Best Actress?

Wow, so the acting winners are clearly always-deserving actors but not who you would have believed would win based on the run-up.