Immersion Therapy For Homophobes

A while back I wrote I wanted to post more Film Thought pieces and things like digging into ideas rather than outright reviews, writings focused on aspects of films, nuances of narrative, or overviews of the industry. Of yet that’s not happened, but something struck me today as I thought of the mindnumbing outrageaholics review-bombing Lightyear simply for featuring a same-sex couple kissing. What struck me was a brief poem, as only so much needs to be said about people who can’t deal with the cinematic mirror reflecting all of life. Without further preamble, my poem “Immersion Therapy for Homophobes.”

Immersion Therapy for Homophobes

by Bernardo Villela

Pry open each eyelid
as A Clockwork Orange instructed. 

Turn out the lights,
project the sights,

of kisses censored from their lives,
like in Cinema Paradiso, proving love thrives.