Year-End Dash 2014

Typically on my calendar what you will find is that the end of the year runs one theme into another from 61 Days of Halloween to Thankful for World Cinema to the Year-End Dash. While the prior two tie a specific genre or niche to the time period the time of year between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve is reserved for all manner of cinema so long as the titles are eligible for the current years’ BAM Awards. So here are some films seen in this time period so far.

Most of my daily posts will be prior selections that impacted the year in question. I will not over-elaborate here on my opinion, but rather just log what is being viewed for consideration

Films Seen

Late November

1. Horrible Bosses 2

Very funny. A worthy follow-up.

2. The Theory of Everything

Strong acting, music; a few strong images but overall a fairly tepid affair after a certain point.

3. Santa Hunters

An unfortunately far-too-run-of-the-mill holiday telefilm, whose decent or unique moments are far too scarce.

4. The Babadook

A smart, rather original idea that struggles to reach and elegant effective conclusion following some good ambiance, great scares and better acting.