10 Keys to a Better Life as a Fanboy: 4. Leave Your Expectations at the Door


This series of articles is designed to help you, the fan, try and divorce yourself from your attachment to source material and judge a film on its own merits and not in comparison to another work. These tips come from my own experience. I hope they are helpful.

I have frequently started articles by saying that I went into a screening as a blank slate an that greatly enhanced the experience. Clearly this is much easier said than done and it works best when you literally don’t even know the plot details about what you are going to see. That being said you can try to apply it to an adaptation of one of your favorite works.

This selection is kind of a fail safe should number two not cut it for you. If you absolutely cannot drain yourselves of recollections of the book or other adapted materials open yourself to the experience you are about to have. Lower your expectations if you have to. Be prepared for anything and everything and don’t sit in wait of certain events. Get into full on hit me mode and let it wash over you as much as possible.

If you are typically hyper-critical take it down a notch, if you’re just critical be escapist. You can still reflect back on the film later on and make up your mind about what you thought. The key is to have those opinions be based on the movie and nothing more.