Rewind Commentary- The Plight of the Uncredited

Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic (ESPN)

As those who know me, and if such a person exists, cyberstalk me know I created this blog after writing on another site, which shall remain nameless, for a while. The point is, I have material sitting around waiting to be re-used on occasion I will re-post them here. Some of those articles may have been extemporaneous at the time but are slightly random now, hence the new title and little intro, regardless enjoy!

A few days before Just Wright was released, the Queen Latifah basketball-related project (yeah, I nearly forgot about it too), I was watching Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN2 and they related how they were upset because not only did they provide their voices but shot a cameo which stayed in the cut of the film but were uncredited in the closing titles. While they merely provided a sound bite for Valentine’s Day and were listed in the closing credits.

Similarly, when I saw Clash of the Titans I was surprised to find that Young Perseus, the one with a speaking part not the baby, was also uncredited. Only recently did the IMDb figure out his name is Otto Farrant and list him in the uncredited section of the cast.

The question is, though: why are these people uncredited? I understand not crediting Angry Fan #52 or some other extra an audience member might single out but no one else would but these are people all who had speaking parts, the first scenario was and “as themselves” cameo but deserves noting and the second instance was an actor playing the younger version of the protagonist. What gives?

Hopefully, this is an aberration and not a trend either way I don’t like it. Those who work on a film whether on screen or behind the scene deserve their credit.

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