Short Film Saturday: La jetée

OK, I know that I promised that I wouldn’t let 61 Days of Halloween interfere with normal posting activities. For a while, I was keeping up on this series at least. Then last weekend I slipped.

To make up for it. I figured I’d choose a great film that needs minimal introduction. We recently lost Chris Marker the director of La jetée one of the most influential shorts in the history of film. It’s composed of stills. It’s certainly inspired me (examples here and here), countless others and was one of my favorite discoveries last year. Enjoy!


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  2. Michaël Parent · December 7, 2012

    I love this film! Considering that Marker made so many films in his career one must concentrate on his central work. This is the best he has done!
    Thanks for submitting this review to the Classic Chops!

    • bernardovillela · December 7, 2012


      You’re welcome. Glad to contribute, and that you have enough for a while. Looking forward to adding to Foreign Chops (and maybe Actors School 101) in the future. All I had for expressionists was Metropolis and didn’t want to double-submit for whatever reason.


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