Film Thought: I Think We’re Alone Now

A few times recently I’ve been very close to being the only person, or party, in a theater for a particular showing of a film. In fact, a film I mentioned last week, Creature, may have been the last time that happened as it got a much wider release than should’ve been possible, and thus, shattered a record for box-office futility.

I recall the first time it happened was when I finally got around to seeing the extended/altered cut of E.T. many weeks after it was out. It sure is a fun and surreal experience for being alone and not having to worry about social graces and movie-watching etiquette; it’s one of the few times if ever I slack on that kind of thing.

Being in the sole party is the sort of thing I should contrive to do more often so maybe I’ll wait about a month to see Fast and Furious 6 because it is fun.

The two questions I have regarding this experience are: Have you ever been a part of the only party at a screening? And for people who have worked at theater, if no one is there does the movie even start up?


  1. Mike Scott · June 17, 2013

    It happens reasonably often out here in Oz. Especially with some of the smaller releases at early weekend screenings. If I’m not alone there are only one or two others in the cinema.

    I was at a screening of Gatsby in Copenhagen and there were about five of us in the screening but by the end there were four because the police escorted someone out half way through. Very odd.

    • bernardovillela · June 17, 2013


      Thanks for the comment. Yeah, timing and location do factor in. I still have to get back on Letterboxd. May be able to tonight.

      Thanks for reading and the comment!



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