Mini-Review: Maniac (2012)

This year, as I did both last year and in 2012, I am engaging in something I like to call the Year-End Dash. Basically, its the scramble to get as many eligible titles viewed as possible before the end of the year for the forthcoming BAM Awards.

The extemporaneous reactions to late viewing will be short, but they will be logged. So I thought it would also be a good idea to re-post in standalone form some of the more memorable films I’ve seen in the first few jaunts.

Maniac (2012)

This is another case of my having seen a remake prior to the original. I attempted to watch the original once but Netflix had a very weird audio glitch that made it impossible to progress past the thirty minute mark. In that version I was marginally engaged at that point and things were starting to pick up. Here the film dives in headfirst taking much POV, a lot of talking to himself. This in a similar but far more intriguing and artfully shot way we’re in the mind of this madman. That and due to the way Elijah Wood portrays Frank there’s a disconcerting sense of understanding if not empathy that makes it a far more engaging tale. The score is a hypnotic as the images are lush and the film has a fairly good thrust as it scales through anonymous victims building a protagonist slowly on the side.



  1. Parlor of Horror · December 23, 2014

    I thought this film was excellent, it was on my ‘best of’ list for 2013! (it was released in late 2012 but didn’t get to US distribution channels until 2013)

  2. bernardovillela · December 23, 2014

    It was on my Best of ’13 as well here. Just used to the official production year to differentiate it from the original:

    P.S. Thanks for actively following the blog it’s always good to see your name pop up on notifications.

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