Music Video Monday: Tyler Carter – Find Me


I’ve debated starting this theme for a few weeks, and I ultimately decided I would as it would encourage me to looks for options that actually fit what I’m aiming for. If one pays too much attention to Top 40 type music you tend to see a dearth of creativity in the music video form. The music video is spawned from short films and can be as creative if not more so than their predecessor. Far too often it does just become singing heads. I want to try and buck that trend and find ones both new and old that do something somewhat outside the box, at the very least have some sort of visual narrative. Here we go.

Tyler Carter – Find Me

Yes, in this video you have a journey like in the first one I featured, there are also randomly-place, creatively-use televisions like in this video; what sets this video apart is the photography, the elliptical storytelling and the performance. Like those other videos this song is also quite good. Enjoy!