Music Video Monday: Etta Bond “Under the Knife”

One task I’ve been getting to is visiting all the tweets I’ve favorited because usually they had more to do with the fact that I wanted to visit a link at a later time. This was a video that BAM Award winner Bill Milner tweeted the praises of. It’s a video brilliant in its simple, unified visual theory that perfectly accompanies the lyrics.


Mini-Review: The Playroom

The Playroom

I will say that this is a film that requires just a touch of stick-to-it-ness. It builds a worlds of these siblings first, one where their parents seem to be at least on the periphery, if not absent altogether. It fractures chronology and starts the kids making up a story that you know will reflect on their life just not how. Then the parents are introduced, how they interact with the kids, then what’s beneath the facade it takes a bit. However, the film would have lesser or no impact, and would be cheap, underdeveloped melodrama otherwise.

The performances by parents and kids alike are quite strong and its a great chamber drama worth searching out.