Updates: December 20th, 2015

It’s a bit unusual for me to have multiple updates in a quarter much less in a month, but here we are. Much of the reason for a second update so soon is that I’m trying to keep myself on task, as well as letting you know what’s up.

So here goes…

BAM Awards

BAM-Awards-2015Some of the legwork to get me to BAM Awards shortlists has been done. On December 24th (yes, that December 24th) I will announce the shortlists, which is a culling down of all categories to only the most serious contenders. Watch this space for those announcements. This will be followed by nominees on January 2nd, 2016 and the handing out of prizes on January 9th, 2016.

Some categories which have been in limbo for inclusion this year will be either included or dropped on the 24th.



OK, so I went with a Billy Elliot reference, one that’s more noteworthy in the stage musical than the film, but the point is; many posts are scheduled through the first quarter of 2016. I know I promised new content a while back and that should still be coming.


Hugo (2011, Paramount)

One thing that will augment the BAM awards, and new content, is getting through my backlog of screeners. You can track my progress (to an extent) on Letterboxd. In the wee hours yesterday, I posted a longer-than-expected extemporaneous reaction to a film, which I may expound upon soon.



Aside from my awards, I do publish year-end lists in Early January. It’s with some sadness that I must say I didn’t see enough horror in 2015 to have a list on that genre be significant. But I will have a Top films (about 30 – some horror included) and also a Film Discoveries list (at least 30).

“I Just Wanna Bang on the Drum All Day”


What slowed the progress of my posts on The Tin Drum was reaching a non-drafted section in my notes. I hope to get to that soon – and strike a balance with other ongoing projects. In the meantime, you can read what I have so far.

Other Works in 2016

Bloodmaster (David Rosenthal)

Some of the other works I hope to get done soon are as follows:

  1. New videos including a short documentary.
  2. Polishing and publishing new fiction. What I have already published can be found here. What I hope to prepare and publish is also intimated at in my about pages.
  3. Collecting more film writing and developing longer-form posts on a more regular basis.
  4. And more.

So, I hope this gives you more insight into the workings of the site here, dear readers. Bear with me for many exciting things are forthcoming.