Film Activism: Vitor Kaingang

Since the advent of the internet the news cycle has gotten woefully short, which is part of why I unearth this video on my site nearly a year after I was asked to add English subtitles to it.

The video is of  Brazilian woman of indigenous descent, Silvia Nobre Waiãpi, reacting with visceral, righteous indignation at the fact that a two-year-old was beheaded in a town square and this person did so with impunity. To best of my ability to search there is still no resolution to this case.

It’s a harrowing reminder that struggles against gross injustice for indigenous populations is not just an American concern, it’s a global one. It’s not something that will be addressed adequately with one series of protests or rallying cries. These peoples still struggle everywhere just to be afforded basic human dignities and rights. Sharing this video, even though it’s supposedly “old news” by this point, is the very least I can to to increase awareness and continue dialogue.