Film Activism: Film Forum Renovation

In my last post I said there’d be more site update news, but something more important came up, so I’m sharing it.

As any film lover who has been to New York knows the Film Forum is an institution. In my mind it is such a mecca that one time when I went on a bus trip to Manhattan with a number friends they mostly went to see Broadway shows and I went to the newly-restored complete cut of Metropolis at the Forum.

2020 will be the theater’s fiftieth year as a cinematic hub in New York. To commemorate, and let’s be realistic to remain relevant, they will be renovating the theater an adding a fourth screen next year. The Forum is a 501(c)(3), so they thrive and show outstanding repertory series and unique independent films thanks in large part to (tax-deductible) donations. This is a huge undertaking, so every little bit helps. Chip in to keep one of the places that truly puts the art in art house.

You can find more information at their website including a brief video, as well as the donate button. Anyone who had ever viewed a film there will welcome these changes I’m sure.

Updates: 9/13/2017

If you go over to my GoodReads blog then you’ll get the details and I’ll spare you them here. Another backlog I need to work through is save posts on Facebook and liked items on Twitter these will likely be the source of Short Film Saturday posts for the future. Yes, there will be more news tomorrow.

Updates: 9/12/2017

For a while at the start of 2017 I had a backlog of posts I had scheduled that could tide me (and you over) while I was sidetracked on other projects. As you may have noticed that backlog vanished.

For the second time ever I blew a blogathon contribution. I will attempt to make up that posting that piece by an alternate means be it here or elsewhere.

There are things in the offing and I will take a few days to keep you abreast of them. I’ll do them one at a time to not overload you.


The first thing that bears noting is that I am still tracking new releases viewed, you can track those best on my Letterboxd list. While I haven’t posted monthly or quarterly considerations lists The BAM Awards will be happening with the previously established deadlines in tact.  The potential contenders this year (and yes It is a strong one) have been bolstered as I am now using MoviePass and I love it.

There will be more to update you on tomorrow.