In Memoriam: Cameron Boyce

In 2008 Alexandre Aja helmed his second English-language feature, Mirrors. What was essentially a Kiefer Sutherland vehicle, trying to translate his 24-fueled stardom back to the big screen where his career began. The film was largely a forgettable affair save for the revelation of Cameron Boyce, playing Sutherland’s son, the child most susceptible to the evil forces that prey on the Carson family through their mirrors. 

Cameron Boyce in Mirrors

In 2010, Boyce was cast in Grown Ups as Keithie Feder son of Lenny (Adam Sandler) and Roxanne (Salma Hayek). He was a young ensemble in those films who were among the highlights especially in the considerably less successful sequel in 2013.

Following Grown Ups and an appearance on League of Extraordinary Dancers, he began his long tenure on Disney Channel, which in the beginning consisted of guest and background work wherein he utilized his dancing skills. 

However, he quickly landed a role as Luke Ross, a series regular, on Jessie, which ended as one of Disney Channel’s longest-running shows. He also became one of the voice actors to portray Jake on Jake and the Neverland Pirates. When Jessie ended, Disney spun-off the cast into two shows mostly Bunk’d, and Boyce played the lead on Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything, which while short-lived was underrated. 

Cameron Boyce in Descendants

However, around the same time Boyce’s involvement in the Disney Channel’s latest breakout film series, Descendants, began. Boyce plays Carlos, son of Cruella De Vil and the films (one yet to be released) made full use of his range of talents.

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There are appearances in a film called Runt and an HBO Series Mrs. Fletcher, which are currently in post-production. Boyce was attached to two other projects listed on the IMDb as being in pre-production. These facts of his résumé underscore the tragedy of his premature passing acutely. 

At certain milestones in life, retrospectively you realize some of your best days were yet to come. Cameron Boyce’s best in life and his career was just over the horizon. While Disney Channel has been a platform before for the likes of Miley Cyrus and Zendaya, most notably; Boyce seemed on poised to break out in other works while still in the fold. 

His future was bright in many ways. In his final interview he spoke about his charity work. This consciousness of what mattered in the world beyond the small and big screen seemed evident to me since his Black History Month promo for Disney XD a few years back.

Boyce’s death is unthinkably tragic, remembering his works not just on the screen but in the community is one way to bring a modicum of sense to the nonsensical.

Rest in peace, Cameron. You will be missed more than you know.

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