Where Have I Been?

My last post on this page went live just after the pandemic. However, I wrote it before everything went upside down.

Most of the time during this year I’ve been either reading or writing to escape into fiction of my own creation and not. For a lot of the year I didn’t watch many movies, in the beginning watching movies reminded me that I couldn’t “go” to the movies.

I’ve recently updated my author page for anyone interested in my fiction.

As the pandemic has dragged on and I started to miss the ritual of watching movies I started incorporating it into my daily schedule. You can follow me on Letterboxd to see what I’ve been watching. 

However, like many people what I gravitated to were comfort films or older new-to-me titles. What is under consideration for my annual BAM Awards skews more towards shorts this year, and I’ve not broken them down into considerations yet. 

I’ll not do shortlist, but nominations on January 3rd and awards on January 10th should still happen. 

I have no idea yet what they’ll look like and they might be bad like much in 2020, but for years I’ve come to realize that when you can’t see everything personal awards are more like a yearbook. You may feel differently in years to come, but this is how you felt and reacted at the time. 

It’s been a craptacular year, I’ve not seen much, but I will try and celebrate what made it less so. 

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