2023 Ingmar Bergman Lifetime Achievement Awards

This award is named after Bergman because when I was set to establish an award of its type his last film blew me away and was nominated for many awards. The idea then is that it’s not a parting shot but rather recognition of someone still very much at the top after many, many years.

Phil Tippett

If you’re already an FX aficionado then you already know Phil Tippett’s name. I knew of him and some of his credits but it wasn’t until I saw Light & Magic that I came to appreciate the depth and breadth of his influence. Not long after that was done streaming on Disney+; Mad God, his stop-motion animation opus 30 years in the making debuted on Shudder. 

Even when his stop-motion work isn’t directly seen on screen, for without Phil Tippett’s groundwork and instincts as an animator, the technological advancements made in CG made leading up to Jurassic Park would’ve been meaningless. Static photorealism is useless if the movement doesn’t seem natural and that’s where he was invaluable to the project. 

If you want to familiarize yourself with this man’s work Mad God is his prowess on fullest display and from there dive in to his filmography. Much of the filmography you’ve seen but can come to appreciate in a a new way. 

Anthony Hopkins

Being a nominee this year for Armageddon Time, Anthony Hopkins already more than fulfills the preferred requirement of working at a high level at the point where he’s being given this lifetime honor. He also recently revisited his Oscar winning character in The Son. Even in roles that don’t have legendary standing, Hopkins has some line-readings that live rent-free in my mind.  Whether he’s playing Shakespeare or not Anthony Hopkins brings that kind of exactitude to all of his roles. He’s still more than capable of weaving magic regardless of how much or little he’s given to work with.


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