2023 Special Jury Awards

Top Gun: Maverick

The verisimilitude achieved in Top Gun: Maverick the camera in the cockpit and the amount of real flying by the actors that was done is its greatest achievement and deserving of special recognition.

1996 BAM Award – Best Actress – Sharon Stone Last Dance

This one is a bit of housekeeping and righting a wrong. I’ve written many times the BAM Awards are like a yearbook of my year at the movies. A while back in a brief bout of revisionism (before I ever posted these online) I changed the Best Actress winner. The only real reason I did it was that film was too reminscent of Dead Man Walking. Even though I’ve long chosen these awards in a highly compartmentalized way that decision was incongruous to what I normally do. So, in light of that and the exceptional work Sharon Stone did in this film that deserves recognition she’s restored as a winner for Best Actress in 1996.

I’m committed to not being the olympics, Resse Witherspoon will not have to forfeit her award. On a related note, if you haven’t seen Freeway you should do so.


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