Poverty Row April 2014 – Wrap-Up


The original inspiration for this series was as research for a side fictional writing project. It proved much more fruitful last year. Here are the films I viewed then.

Films Viewed

Mickey's Race (1933)

Here are the films I saw this past year:

Hoosier Schoolboy
Little Pal (a.k.a. The Healer)
Tomorrow’s Children
Officer Thirteen
Mickey’s Race

One of the films I saw prior to this year’s time frame, and lot of the selections were influenced by the passing of Mickey Rooney.

Comments on the Future

While I won’t go so far as to strike the tab from the menu screen, I don’t think this will be a month-long focus next year. Rather, when I feel like a quick screening I will come back to these titles. It’s already a site category and a short niche of film history that interests me greatly that I’d like to continue to feature, just not in such a singular way.

Poverty Row April: Hoosier Schoolboy (1937)

Here’s another Mickey Rooney-starring title. This one is for Monogram when he’s a bit older than the last one. It’s a great performance by Rooney in what feels like two long short films intertwined, as a character who seems like she may be the lead does an impressive vanishing act in the secon half of the film. It’s no great shakes, but it’s a decent way to pass the time.

Watch the film here.