Poverty Row April 2014

I’m a bit late in discussing it, however, a series I started last year is back. Poverty Row was a strip of independent studios on the outskirts of Los Angeles. These studios thrived, relatively speaking, during the dawn of the sound era. I partook in a marathon of these films last year in part to research a personal writing project.

Many of the titles I downloaded remained unwatched, and my interest has not wained. Thus, I decided to bring the theme back – in a different way than last year. I will try to find four new and worthy titles of being featured on Sundays. If nothing good is seen during the week the most noteworthy title will be profiled.

Some of last year’s viewings did affect the best older films list so I do find films I like in this theme and hope to find some more. I highly recommend you read Povery Row Studios for a fuller picture of these companies than reviews and comments can provide. Virtually all the films I feature will have been seen on The Internet Archive. Happy viewing to all!