Poverty Row April: Wrap-Up

I planned this theme by downloading many of the films I wanted to see ahead of time. All downloads are free and legal through The Internet Archive, as all titles selected are in the Public Domain. My grandiose plans called for over 50 films. That didn’t happen, and I did improvise through the month, and will likely continue to watch them through the year for personal viewings. However, the theme has come to an end so the reviews will cease and a wrap-up is required since the only other post in the theme I wrote was about the book that acts as my bible for this theme.

First, a statistical overview may be in order:

By the Numbers

Films: 23
Cumulative Score: 125
Average Score: 5.435

Titles scoring 6 and above: 10
Titles scoring 5 and below: 13

Best Films:
The Phantom Express
In Love with Life
The Ghost Walks
Hearts of Humanity
The World Accuses
Tangled Destinies

General Observations

In Love with Life (1934, Invincible)

Usually the case with such a focused theme is that eventually I do seek to get out from under it. However, and perhaps this has to do with only seeing nearly half the number of films I expected, I leave this series wanting more. I attribute this to three main factors: first, there is the personal writing fiction writing project that this acts as research for (For my prior project(s) you can go here). Second, there is the fact that I’ve always had an affinity, not necessarily matched by viewing patterns, with this era of film history. Lastly, I think I chose well. Based on my reading Poverty Row titles that were good seemed like they’d be diamonds in the rough. However, by narrowing down my options to ones that sounded interesting to me I upped my odds and liked nearly half of the selections I made.


The Ghost Walks (1934)

In my Favorite Older Films lists, as in my film viewing in general, I do like to celebrate diversity in era, country of production, director, genre and however else I can. However, I feel that Poverty Row titles, whether featured on this blog or not, will factor into my viewing choices, and the theme may be back next year.

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