Film Thought: Film Word Association

It recently occurred to me that though one could think of many moments to associate with almost any film, especially one you particularly enjoy. Some films have that one iconic moment or element that stick in your mind, in some cases whether you saw them or not. For some of these films it’s a positive attribute, in other cases less so.

What made this notion come to mind was hearing mention of Waterworld. The word that instantly came to mind was: urine. Now, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen more than a few fleeting glances for it save for a scene here or there on TV. However, I heard of that element of the story enough that it’s the first thing I thought of. Similarly the original Total Recall had in it its famous scene that was the first thing that came to mind. That word association would be a cheat being two words, but still you get the idea.

It made me wonder how many films would conjure one instant word or image. It’d be rather trite for me to sit here listing all the ones I came up with, I think it’d function better as a game. If you want to try it here you can feel free to comment, or you could do it any of number of ways online or in person, with friends, family or non-frightening looking “strangers on a train” (Tennis, see it’s easy!). I’m sure there would likely be some rather funny results if were forced to pick a descriptive and representative word from a number of films.