Don’t You Recognize Me: Sarah Paulson

So here I am again with another of these posts that I plan on tossing up when I suddenly realize I knew someone who is far more familiar from an earlier role. This post marks the first actress included in the festivities in Sarah Paulson. However, it also is the first where I actually realized two early roles.

The first role Paulson’s occurred to me when I recently wrote about underrated comedies. I realized that she was in Held Up. She is in it the pretty girl that no one really notices until their all stuck together for quite some time in a very humorous scene.

American Gothic (1995, MCA TV)

However, there came another instance recently where I spotted her. I sat down to start watching American Gothic for the first time in eons and I noticed her name in the credits there and sure enough her role is pivotal in the first episode.

She may be most well-known now for appearances in Martha Marcy May Marlene, Mud and American Horror Story: Asylum but these are some early roles that did give an indication of her talent.