The Magic Empire

I was recently wrote a guest post on Unkommon about the Lucasfilm/Disney deal. You can read it here.

Thankful for World Cinema 2012 Introduction

I’ve done this theme a few times. I started it on The Site That Must Not Be Named, but my focus was too narrow (The first year it was just Old World, tying it to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday).

The idea as of last year is to take some days to focus specific on World Cinema. World meaning made outside the US, and as of this year not always necessarily in a language other than Enligh). Now, I write about and seek out foreign films often. I am a dual-citizen of the US and Brazil. I have grown and have found many different cinemas I connect with globally, as each nation does have its own voices aside from just genre cinema, but they also bring their own voice to genres.

In the forthcoming posts I seek not only to hopefully reveal under-viewed films to people, both through new posts and those already done, but also to find new titles myself.

Much like with the 61 Days of Halloween, this is a short focus on something that is usually a style of film that attracts me anyway. If you look at the BAM Awards’ Best Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress and Screenplay awards have all been awarded to films made outside the US. It’s just a time to focus on and give special attention to these films here. Enjoy!