Year-End Dash

I already lamented in my closing of the last Mini-Review Round-Up that there were movies I saw in November that never got written up. They are included here by necessity, but truth be told, they do form part of the year-end dash as well because this year I started my search for eligible titles earlier than ever. Anything I see from here until 12/31 will have at least some write-up here. It will be quick and this post will update daily. Some titles, if deserving and if I have time may get another more detailed write-up.

Enjoy the dash. Lists and awards to follow. To see what my ratings mean go here.

Late November

The Other Son

The Other Son (2012, Cohen Media Group)

Sometimes themes develop very unexpectedly throughout the year. One that has occurred this year is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This film, which oddly was a co-production but not selected by either nation for the Oscars, uses perhaps the most effective vehicle possible to examine the issue (children switched at birth) and examines it very well.


Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina (2012, Focus Features)

This is one of the few films this year that has something I call the “Atom Bomb” effect, which means that it ‘mushroom clouds’ so to speak, it grows the further away from impact you are. It was a film I felt very strongly on a visceral level as I watched it, but as I reflected upon it I was further ravished by the conscious theatrical presentation, which seemed to me to represent the societal facade through which Anna fights. As she comes closer to embracing her emotions the set seem more filmic, when scenes are dealing with emotional contrivance, they are more theatrical. I haven’t had a chance to revisit the film and test the theory, but regardless of interpretation it works. The moving camera lends much of the feeling, but the lack of cuts in certain sequences forces the actors, especially Knightley, to convey many conflicting emotions all in sequence without the aid of the edit and they do so tremendously. The score is wonderful, there are few if any aspects of the production that are not first rate, making it one of the best films of the year.


The Road

This is a most unusual film. It’s split into three distinct acts marked by time. They get progressively better, less awkward & stilted than the start such that the last act, climax and denoument save it. 6/10


This film is an effective drama. It’s sold as a thriller because it fits, but only loosely by what genre-treatment has acclimated us to here in the US. It’s very low-key and interesting but makes some off third act scene choices. 7/10

Heat Wave

A very intriguingly constructed narrative that almost imperceptibly mounts tension and very clearly and accurately builds characters. 8/10

The Day I Saw Your Heart

Has funny and heartfelt moments but its characters are a bit too eccentric and immature in certain portions. Sympathy and empathy are hard to find at times. This inconsistency is remedied as stakes rise but it’s only a mere salvation. It does, however, feature great performances. 6/10

Shun Li and the Poet

Any look at different immigration patterns worldwide will pique my interest to an extent. However, what’s most compelling here isn’t just insight into Chinese émigrés but the characters they play and the performances delivered. This is a warm, moving film that is beautifully photographed. 8/10

On the Ice

This is a slice of neo-neorealist cinema (if you can follow that) set in a native community in Barrow, AK. As opposed to something like Before Tomorrow, which dealt with traditional living in Canada, this film deals with the clash of modern times and tradition in the US. This is a low-key thriller very well executed that features shocking twists and turns. 9/10

A Separation

This film falls into that awkward category for me where it’s one of those films where I fully understand the appeal, I just don’t necessarily agree with it. There’s a compelling narrative, great performances but there are more than a few dubiously handled and conveyed pieces of information that topples the house of cards for me. 5/10

War Witch

War Witch (2012, Tribeca Film)

This is a film that when you pull apart its elements you’d wonder how they managed to combine so many seemingly disparate facets in a very seamless way. It’s a war story, a drama, coming-of-age narrative, with much Magical Realism and cultural specificity. It also features outstanding performances. This film is Canada’s official selection for the Academy Awards Best Foreign Language Film, and interestingly cited as Congolese in its Independent Spirit Award nomination as it was set & shot there. 7/10

The Barrens

This film did some interesting things in the realm of belief and attacking the protagonists credibility, but that’s not maximized as the doubt cast is undercut. Aside from that ultimately too many of the tropes are clichéd. The performances of the adult leads are wildly inconsistent, typically stronger when playing heightened emotions, Allie MacDonald and Peter DaCunha‘s consistency give the film some balance. 4/10

December 1st

Hitchcock (2012, Fox Searchlight)


In a manner that is completely contradictory to the very issue that exists with the Psycho remake, the behind-the-scenes recreations and dramatizations are the best moments in Hitchcock: Hitch speaking over the driving scene and the enactment of the shower scene reactions to name two. Anthony Hopkins, Scarlett Johansson and James D’Arcy are the strongest re-enactors in the cast. The issues with the film are many: lack of focus, minimal arc, cutesy-ness, and one very specific and peculiar subplot is allowed far too much play. There are the occasional good insights into a creative mind but not enough.


December 2nd

Klown (2010, Drafthouse Films)


This film is unapologetically inappropriate, and most definitely not for the faint of heart as it one-ups many of the recent raunchy American comedies. It also manages to be a good deal funnier than most if not all of them. The film is expertly performed and cast.



The narrative seeks character studies and creates them and at times they are compelling, but they’re snapshots of stasis for the most part. Abel develops a new pattern to his illness but nearly everyone seemingly ends about where they started which makes it a rather vapid experience.


December 3rd

Kauboy (2012, Waterland Film BV)

Deep Blue Sea

What’s great about movie-watching in this day and age is that I heard this had won a New York Film Critics Circle award for Best Actress, and I decided to stream it just afterwards. Rachel Wiesz is great in this film, and I do love how visual it is, and how it takes us into a love affair in medias res. However, in someway it not only eschews certain tropes about how stories begin, but it also does so for how they progress, and to the film’s detriment. It mostly works until the stilted anti-climax.



The Netherlands’ entry into the Best Foreign Language Film fray is quite a wonderful one indeed, and for the second year running the Netherlands could have a major player at the BAM Awards. Kauwboy is tale that’s simply told and all the more beautiful for it. It artistically expresses the wonderment of childhood, how a child can keep himself occupied, but also how a child can retreat and hide away from a difficulty. There’s great tension at times, and also laughs. The world is small containing few players, but all of them are well played; including the very expressive debutant Rick Lens. A most excellent film.


The Devil’s Carnival

This film seems to try to pick-up on the cult success of Repo: The Genetic Opera, which I have yet to see, in terms of being a horror musical, but combine that with a loose anthology structure, but yet a brisk running time. However, the pacing is sluggish, the narrative is overly loose even within segments, and sadly misfires throughout. It’s hard to watch.


Jesus Henry Christ

This film operates too much on chance, forced quirkiness and inconsistent dialogue. The actors are talented but are far too often put in forced or artificial situations. There are scenes that work, but they are few and far between.


December 4th

Friends with Kids (2012, Roadside Attractions)

The Bad Intentions

This is Peru’s submission to the Foreign Language Film fray this year. There are interesting themes and subplots examined in this film but few, if any of them, are fully explored or expand at an agreeable rate. Thus, the film suffers pace-wise and the coming to terms seems all the more abrupt for it.


Friends with Kids

This is a film whose premise is one of a subversive, humorous social experiment brings some anticipated consequences. For as seemingly fresh as the start of this film is, it falls into line thematically, structurally and socially. As uninspired as it may seem, it is funny enough, charming enough and well-told such that it’s enjoyable.


December 5th

Headhunters (2011, Magnet Releasing)

Oslo, August 31st

This is a film with some very effective use of voiceover, although it tries it doesn’t supersede The Dynamiter in that usage, it takes place over the course of one day, features some very strong performances, shots and transitional elements. However, the film ends up being a little distant from me and an emotional disconnect. On a visceral level it doesn’t reach the heights it does technically.



When I tweeted about this film I came a little too close to sounding like a pull-quote for my liking; I ran out of characters. What Headhunters is a prime example of is how Nordic nations, through adaptations of successful novels, have breathed new life into the recently lifeless crime thriller genre. I do believe this is a bit more than just change of venue and language. There’s usually been a noir-like gray area with most characters, fantastic twists, reversals of fortune and strong performances. The exoticness of locale is a cherry on top.


December 7th

Beyond the Black Rainbow (2012, Magnet Releasing)


This is one of those movies that you keep on watching in spite of itself. To mention the few things that are worth noting the prosthesis and effects aren’t terrible and after a herky-jerky start the pace pick up, but overall the film laugh out loud bad, filled with painful dialogue that believes its witty and constant affronts to acting. Not to mention the story is fairly thing and filled with conveniences.


Beyond the Black Rainbow

This is a film that is quite the mind-bender. Its daring and exacting visuals are matched by precise, pounding, droning score. It seems like a great blend of stylistic elements of quite a few directors, but the story doesn’t match up to all the technical prowess and its conclusion it a bit anticlimactic. Not to mention the stinger.


December 8th

Casa de mi Padre (2012, Pantelion Films)

Playing for Keeps

This is yet another romantic comedy, and about the only thing that can be said to be refreshing is just how silly and ridiculous it can get on the comedic side. One of the things that keeps it enjoyable is how separate those things stay. Of course, the film gets rather predictable and in its own way a bit too much but it’s enjoyable.


Flying Swords of Dragon’s Gate

This film keeps my attention for about half its running time then it slows up, gets bogged down in additional histories, strategic planning and newfound alliances and really loses your interest as it get progressively more ridiculous than it was prior.


Casa de mi Padre

I admit I was very skeptical about this film, even being a big Will Ferrell fan. However, this works very well and ends up being very funny indeed. It’s a hilarious send up not only of low-rent Mexican fare, but is also unveiled silly commentary on the war on drugs. Ferell’s better-than-expected Spanish combined with his playing yet another dolt, and the supporting cast, really make it work.


December 9th

Neighboring Sounds (2012, Cinema Guild)

A Trip

I will confess there are some good dramatic building blocks in the latter-half of Slovenia’s official entry for Best Foreign Language Film, but the first have is a drudgery of slow-paced scenes; insufficient and simple character building and comedic misfires that make many of the better second half moments moot. There are other issues with the film, but even if they weren’t it’s a nearly insurmountable deficit.


Neighboring Sounds

This is a film which has the intentional modern malaise combined with a Grand Hotel style structure taking place in modern day Recife, Brazil. It quietly without too much overt discussion illustrates many urbane urban concerns. With a deft sound design that often goes from a drone to blare-out scene ending it demonstrates the discreet maddening of the bourgeoisie, and working class as the case may be. This is yet another strong entry from Brazil this year.


Red Dawn

Welcome to the most facile occupation of a nation in the history of the world, filled with clumsy dialogue, an annoying anti-hero, some odd casting choices and some production design misfire, along with some poorly played American football; have fun!


Help for the Holidays

Help for the Holidays (2012, Hallmark)

For my take on this film please go here.

December 10th

Get the Gringo (2012, Icon)

Get the Gringo

This is an interesting spin on the antihero crime film, which also takes place in an unconventional Mexican prison. The fish-out-of-water element allows us to enter the world and accept it fairly easily. There are minor plot points that come together at the very end. When you add humor, a ticking-clock element, another good turn by Gibson and a very impressive one by Kevin Hernandez (The Sitter), it’s a very enjoyable film.


Rites of Spring

This is a film where a tweet isn’t enough to convey the disappointment a film metes out. More and more you’ll find hybridization. Since there’s not really “new” idea, combine old tropes creatively. That’s the key to the success of something like American Horror Story. However, the balance, the execution, the acting, the lack of any sort of twist, barring the initial title card; make this a wasted experience.



This is Giorgos Lanthimos’s follow up to Dogtooth, and I like that film a great deal and was pleased to find that this film too focuses on a fairly unique microcosm. What is lacking in this film is that it’s not as thorough, not as polished an exploration. While it does explore character’s psyches with subtlety it doesn’t take the plunge early and often enough and end ups feeling the slightest bit hollow.


Holy Motors

Holy Motors (2012, Indomina)

While Holy Motors, like Alps deals with an unusual “business,” and like Alphaville deals with much larger implications than production value might otherwise indicate (not that they’re low), you can’t really compare it to anything. It’s the kind of film that as you think about it you find it’s absolutely saying something at given points, it may not be a wholly underlying ideal, but there are several within the context of one most unique tale. It’s the kind of film that’s just enjoyable to watch even if you’re not sure why at first. It’s the kind of film that exemplifies Bergman‘s assertion about an audiences understanding the emotional meaning of a film rather than the literal meaning.

It features a mesmerizing lead performance by Denis Lavant, brilliant prosthetics work, and a catchy original song performed by Kylie Minogue, amongst many other things.

It’s almost impossible to give a rating to the film at this juncture, especially as it seems to be ascendant at this moment. However, let’s say the placeholder is:


As I may revisit it soon.

December 11th

The Aggression Scale (2012, Achor Bay)

Small, Beautifully Moving Parts

This a fairly brisk, pretty funny, character study that due to its insights and use of symbolism overcomes the occasional awkward line and down moment. It presents the interesting conundrum of a woman unsure of her motherly intuition and desires when faced with a past that presents the same issues.


The House of Tomorrow

This film has a few unenviable hurdles for a doc: one being a wide scope and the other being needing to give requisite history lessons. However, the film succeeds because its fulcrum is TEDx HolyLand that brought together Isreali and Palestinian women to discuss ideas, business, social goals, and to open dialogue. That provides great sound bites and allows the additional required information to be placed strategically. The ideas put forth, and the importance of the meeting, aside from factual reminders, make this well worth watching, regardless of any structural or technical issues faced.


The Aggression Scale

My tweet on this film gives no more away than the synopsis of this film I feel: This is like the Home Alone as a horror film trailer taken seriously, and I mean that as a compliment. It’s awesome. This film has an effective open that directly ties to later events, features great bloodwork, some very solid performances including Ray Wise, Dana Ashbrook and the chillingly astute, silent turn of Ryan Hartwig. It raises the stakes, chaos, violence, and in some cases, ingenuity of the aforementioned film while also making those things a function of character more so than the element of surprise.



This film hits an emotional flat line about midway through, and that’s really where the pace begins to lag. It doesn’t distance itself from similar films thematically. Whereas I lauded Boy for being about acceptance of family the struggle in this film is overly-internalized and not omnipresent. There’s minimal character-building to start, just establishment of quirks. Then some things that seem like changes are status quo. The struggle is small and the overcoming thereof smaller.


December 12th

Uninhabited (2010, Viva Films)


This is a film that has a slow, consistent burn that does eventually lead to a very interesting myth. It’s just a shame that the myth is buried so late and that the build-up isn’t as intriguing as the finale.


December 13th

Area 407 (2012, IFC Films)

Area 407

There is nearly nothing that this film does right. There are inexplicable character decisions, lapses in logic, unforgivably bad found footage camera work, too much yelling and overlapping dialogue and trudging plot filled with performances that are, nearly without exception, not up to snuff.


December 14th

Sound of My Voice

Sound of My Voice (2011, Fox Searchlight )

This is a film that has very interesting construction, some great nuances, lots of visual information to parse and an open ending. However, aside from being an anticlimactic one rather than a gutting one, it’s also a very clumsily-handled one that undermines much of the good work the film had dome to that point.


The Fields

This is a film that looks great and tells a very visual tale of true story and/or urban legend. However, much of the dialogue that appears sparsely is bad, some of the staging is poor motivations awkward and set-ups tritely showy. There is also, after a certain point a lack of escalation.


December 15th

Howling (2012, CJ E&M Pictures)


It’s a shame that this film over-extends some late montages and milks them for schmaltz because this is a surprisingly complex and intriguing procedural mystery up to that point, which would be better if tightened up.


December 17th

Goodbye First Love (2011, Sundance Selects)

Goodbye First Love

This film deals with time passing, emotional shifts & visual communication quite easily. It quickly establishes these things visually and moves on subtly without lingering too long. It’s a very sure-handed film that does well to represent the internal conflicts the characters are dealing with.


Once Upon a Time in Anatolia

This is a film that has much more going on underneath the surface than above it. However, it doesn’t quite click for me. As the occasional tale is told and revisited, it becomes clear what the intents are it’s just perhaps not the most compelling way to make the points that are being discussed.


December 18th

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012, Warner Bros.)

The Salt of Life

As pleasant a surprise as Mid-August Lunch was, this follow-up is equally disappointing. Thinly plotted, only the slightest chuckles, recycled jokes and tropes; virtually no real cause for this remakes exist. The only positive is, if you weren’t aware of the fact already, you now know it happens overseas too.


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Based on all the banter I had heard about this film before I got to see it, I fully expected to despise this film. I didn’t. I do acknowledge that for those who have read the book that divorcing oneself from the source material may prove difficult here as it is a sprawling, elaborated version of the tale. I, personally, came in unencumbered by expectations from another medium.

I hope that as a series this bucks the precedent of the original trilogy where the second installment plays like a feature-length second act as opposed to an individual installment. Getting back to this film once it gets really going, which does take a bit longer than desired, it works. I also saw this film in 48 fps. It’s not quite ready for primetime it would seem. In the beginning when the lighting is flatter, it’s like you’re watching the world’s largest HDTV. There are issues handling both movement of the camera and character movement throughout. Movement isn’t always smooth, it’s at times jittery. As for helping the 3D, I’m not the best judge there, but the depth seemed consistent later on. I usually defer to CinemaBlend and agree with their final assessment.

Aside from all the extras, including the fact that I was also watching this in a new local theater, I think it is enjoyable, and perhaps having the original three as a background buoys it, but I think it’s a better start to the proceedings.


December 20th

Silent Night (2012, Anchor Bay)

Take This Waltz

I try not to fall into the likability trap, and I think some may confuse liking the character with being interested in them or wanting to watch them. However, having characters I dislike and am disinterested in, is just one of the failings of this film. There’s also the handling of the love-hate aspect, the cuckolding, the framing of the narrative and the circular shot montage, which in a “lesser” film would’ve been the subject of ridicule, amongst other things that fail this film. The dialogue is at times forced, in one unfortunate sequence fails the Gay Dilemma litmus test, there are depths to plumb that are worth a look, but after a while it seems pointless. The ending isn’t as unsatisfactory as the rest, but certainly could’ve been better. Likely to rank as one of the year’s worst.


The Devil’s Rock

This is a film that takes a very interesting angle on dealing with Nazis and the occult, especially with regards to the setting of the tale. The set-up is very effective and it could more fully exploit its trappings, but it does hold interest and contain some surprises.


Silent Night

I have not seen the film upon which this is based, but knowing that it spawned a low-budget franchise of its own makes it a candidate for examination next time 61 Days of Halloween rolls around. There aren’t nearly enough evil Santa tales, while this one doesn’t go to a “real Santa” like Santa’s Slay, this is definitely my favorite so far: good twists and mistaken identity, great turns from Malcolm McDowell with hilarious “movie cop” dialogue, and Donal Logue and excellent kills.


December 21-31

The following films were also viewed, factored into awards and lists, but didn’t get extemporaneous write-ups.

Django Unchained (2012, The Weinstein Company)

Magic Mike

Killer Joe

McConaughey is also nominated for this film as Best Actor.

Django Unchained

Les Misérables

A Royal Affair

Movies Viewed in 2012

Towards the tail end of last year I got sidetracked away from compiling this list. It’s rather futile to go back and add everything missed in. Aside from a series of Méliès shorts they’re mostly found in last year’s BAM Considerations and in the BAM Nominees. What made the list difficult to keep up with was all the subdividing I did. So this year I’ll string them all in a row but if it’s a short or otherwise noteworthy I’ll include some tidbit on the side. May this list grow quickly with many great discoveries for both you and I, dear reader.

New titles to me are merely italicized.
Encore screenings are in plain text.
BAM Eligible titles are italicized and Bold.

1. Ride a Wild Pony
2. So Dear to My Heart
3. Big Red
4. Silk Road
5. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1
6. Beneath the Darkness
7. The Devil Inside
8. Burnt Offerings
9. Parents
10. Days of Heaven
11. This is England
12. Film Socialisme
13. Peeping Tom
14. Let’s Sing Again
15. 666: The Child
16. 11/11/11
17. Hellbreeder
18. Make a Wish
19. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
20. Contraband
21. The Boy Who Cried Werewolf (1973)
22. The Glass Child
23. Rawhead Rex
24. 7 Up (short)
25. The Phantom Museum (short)
26. Disco (short)
27. The Horse Without a Head
28. Blood & Roses
29. Burn, Witch, Burn
30. Anamorphosis (short)
31. The Cabinet of Jan Svankmajer (short)
32. Nocturna Artificialia (short)
33. The Club of the Laid Off (short)
34. A Ballad About Green Wood (short)
35. The House of the Devil
36. The Reflecting Skin
37. The Hole
38. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
39. Underworld: Awakening
40. Cold War on Ice: Summit Series ’72
41. Elephant Boy
42. Design (short)
43. Auditions for Extinct Anatomies (short)
44. The Drum
45. Disc Jockey (short)
46. Fata Morgana
47. Streets of Crocodiles (short)
48. In Absentia (short)
49. The Comb
50. Hawaii Calls
51. My Bloody Valentine (1981)
52. Underworld: Evolution
53. The Innkeepers
54. The Comedy of Terrors
55. The Town That Dreaded Sundown
56. The Round Up (La Rafle)
57. Riddles for a Candy (short)
58. The Vanished World of Gloves (short)
59. Flash Gordon: Space Soldiers
60. 7 Plus Seven
61. Apocalypse Now
62. The Last Theft (short)
63. Key Largo
64. House of Dark Shadows
65. Big Miracle
66. The Woman in Black
67. The Fallen Idol
68. The Invisible Woman
69. Chabelo y Pepito Detectives
70. Texas Killing Fields
71. Scrooge
72. The Turin Horse
73. The Search
74. The Grey
75. Judgment at Nuremberg
76. Lies My Father Told Me
77. Aqua (short)
78. The Ladykillers
79. The White Cliffs of Dover
80. Indiscretion of an American Housewife
81. Wait Until Dark
82. PTU
83. Norwegian Ninja
84. Lady and the Tramp
85. Pentecost (Short)
86. Raju (Short)
87. Time Freak (Short)
88. Tuba Atlantic (Short)
89. The Shore (Short)
90. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
91. Sunday (Short)
92. The Flying Books of Mr. Lessmore (Short)
93. Wild Life (Short)
94. La Luna (Short)
95. A Morning Stroll (Short)
96. Skylight (Short
97. Nullarbor (Short)
98. Amazonia (Short)
99. The Hybrid Union (Short)
100. Escape to Paradise
101. M
102. Panic in the Streets
103. Assault on Precinct 13
104. Kamui: Gaiden
105. Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors
106. The Green Years
107. Peter Pan (2003)
108. A Farewell to Arms
109. Wild Boys of the Road
110. One Step Ahead of My Shadow (short)
111. Heroes For Sale
112. Sittin’ on a Backyard Fence (Short)
113. The Seven Little Foys
114. The Window
115. Breaking the Ice
116. The Secret World of Arrietty
117. Frenzy
118. The Thief of Bagdad
119. To Catch a Thief
120. A Man Called Peter
121. Tristana
122. Stella Dallas
123. Boomerang!
124. The Letter
125. Ghost Rider: The Spirit of Vengeance
126. The V.I.P.s
127. A Farewell to Arms
128. Mrs. Parkington
129. Bless the Beasts & Children
130. Life with Father
131. Meat Love (Short)
132. Prairie Love
133. Family Portrait
134. This is My Home (Short)
135. The Calligrapher (Short)
136. Kiss of the Spider Woman
137. Dawn of the Dead
138. The Watchers
139. The Tomb of Ligeia
140. Snowtown Murders
141. Moon Child
142. 21 Jump Street
143. John Carter
144. Safe House
145. The Fire That Burns
146. Dr. Phibes Rises Again
147. Werewolf of London
148. Blood and Lace
149. The Masque of the Red Death
150. Infection
151. 21 Up
152. Sodoma’s Ghost
153. Song of Sparrows
154. L’enfance Nue
155. Visages d’enfants
156. Amador
157. We Need to Talk About Kevin
158. Silent House
159. The Hunger Games
160. Being Flynn
161. Safe House
162. John Carter
163. The Announcement
164. North by Northwest
165. The Wrong Man
166. Strangers on a Train
167. Dial ‘M’ for Murder
168. I Confess
169. The Sitter
170. Querelle
171. Meeting Evil
172. Boy
173. Blood Feast
174. Godspell
175. Wrath of the Titans
176. The Cabin in the Woods
177. The Raid: Redemption
178. Bully
179. Spectre
180. The Blame
181. Earth Minus Zero
182. Ghoul
183. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
184. House (1986)
185. Vidas Secas
186. Theater of Blood
187. Valley of the Zombies
188. American Experience: Dinosaur Wars
189. Saint Nick
190. A Child Called Jesus
191. The Pit and the Pendulum
192. Madhouse
193. Werewolf of London
194. Blood and Lace
195. From Time to Time
196. World on a Wire
197. A Real Friend
198. XMas Tale
199. Glue
200. Spectre
201. Blame
202. 28 Up
203. Halloween: H20
204. Outcast
205. Hellraiser: Revelations
206. Black Girl
207. The Fox and the Hound 2
208. Cinderella 2: Dreams Come True
209. Harley’s Hill
210. Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life
211. 7 Below
212. Smitty
213. Monsieur Lazhar
214. The Lucky One
215. Habeas Corpus (short)
216. Big Business (short)
217. Two Tars
218. Death and Cremation
219. House II: The second Story
220. The Fox and the Hound
221. Goobers! (fka Mystery Monsters)
223. 28 Up
224. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
225. Marvel’s The Avengers
226. The Life and Passion of Jesus (1905)
227. From the Manger to the Cross (1912)
228. Weddings and Babies
229. Lollipops and Lovers
230. A Bag of Hammers
231. Chronicle
232. Battleship
233. Dark Shadows
234. Red Riding Hood
235. Rio
236. Puss in Boots
237. Thor
238. Abduction
239. 35 Up
240. Final Destination 5
241. 42 Up
242. 49 Up
243. Joshua
244. A Whisper in the Dark
245. Piranha 3DD
246. Michael
247. The Gate
248. Snow White & the Huntsman
249. Battlefield America
250. Hospitalité
251. First Position
252. Hick
253. Chernobyl Diaries
254. Men in Black 3
255. The Dictator
256. Alien
257. Citizen Gangster
258. Corpo Celeste
259. How it Ended (short)
260. Keyhole
261. Found Memories
262. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
263. 13 Women
264. No Greater Glory
265. Coriolanus
266. Madagasgar 3
267. Brave
268. The Sugarland Express
269. The Manster
270. Death Bed: The Bed That Eats
271. Killer Klowns from Outer Space
272. Theatre Bizarre
273. From a Whisper to a Scream
274. The Starfighters
275. Even Dwarfs Started Small
276. Tales from the Hood
277. The War of the Buttons (1994)
278. Where the River Runs Black
279. Only When I Dance
280. Lil’ A (Short)
281. Dinner with a Vampire
282. The Birds
283. Twilight Zone: The Movie
284. Three Extremes
285. In the Family
286. Playback
287. Island of Lost Souls
288. Humanoids of the Deep
289. Konrad
290. Prometheus
291. I’m Not Jesus Mommy
292. Summer Interlude
293. Johnny Shiloh
294. King Dinosaur
295. The House of Usher
296. Ganges
297. Tales That Witness Madness
298. Steppenwolf
299. Beautiful Wave
300. Hands of the Ripper
301. The Amazing Spider-Man
302. The Matchmaker
303. Goon
304. Ted
305. Safety Not Guaranteed
306. North Sea Texas
307. Sassy Pants
308. The Dark Knight Rises
309. To Rome with Love
310. Hiding
311. The Samaritan
312. Quill: The Life of a Guide Dog
313. People Like Us
314. Brats (1930)
315. Shorts
316. Always
317. Jet Boy
318. Amazing Grace and Chuck
319. Not Another Teen Movie
320. Almost Angels
321. Emil and the Detectives
322. Student Bodies
323. The Appeared
324. Flash Gordon (1980)
325. The District!
326. The Hunt

The Following section of films are all shorts directed by Georges Méliès who was featured in the film Hugo. I have to the best of my abilities attempted to show which of these films was new to me:

327. The Card Party
328. The Vanishing lady
329. A Nightmare
330. The One-Man Band
331. The Triple-Conjurer and the Living Head
332. Exelsior The Prince of Magicians
333. The Devil and the Statue
334. Gulliver’s Travels Among the Lilliputians and Giants
335. The Kingdom of the Fairies
336. The Infernal Cakewalk
337. Jupiter’s Thunderballs
338. The Cook in Trouble
339. The Black Imp
339. The Crazy Composer
340. The Eclipse, or The Courtship of the Sun and Moon
341. The Conquest of the Pole

342. Nanny McPhee
343. The Whisperer in Darkness
344. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days
345. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
346. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules
347. Exit Humanity
348. Intruders
349. Detention
350. The Watch
351. Jurassic Park
352. Deadly Blessing
353. A Shine of Rainbows
354. Absentia
355. Fright
356. Hotel Magnezit (short)
357. Children of the Damned
358. Village of the Damned
359. ParaNorman
360. The Odd Life of Timothy Green
361. Bowery at Midnight
362. The Moth Diaries
363. Lovely Molly
364. The Apparition
365. The Campaign
366. New Rose Hotel
367. Boarding Gate
368. The Gamma People
369. What’s the Matter with Helen?
370. Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell
371. The Terminal
372. Amer
373. Damien: The Omen 2
374. Clive Barker’s Salome
375. Clive Barker’s The Forbidden
376. The Hidden Face
377. Planet of the Vampires
378. The Vampire’s Ghost
379. The Crimson Cult
380. Penumbra
381. The Mummy (1932)
382. Wake Wood
383. Moth Diaries
384. Bowery at Midnight
385. O Pagador de Promessas (The Promise Keeper)
386. Asterix and the Vikings
387. The Satanic Rites of Dracula
388. Grave of the Vampire
389. The Possession
390. Spud
391. V/H/S
392. [REC]3: Genesis
393. Ghost Town
394. Lady in White
395. Spud
396. Vorstadtkrokodile 2
397. Penumbra
398. Vampire Circus
399. The Unearthly
400. The Crawling Eye
401. The Indestructible Man
402. Robot Monster
403. Zombie Nightmare
404. The Tall Man
405. Trauma
406. The Stendhal Sydrome
407. The Aristocats
408. Penrod & Sam
409. The Castle of Fu Manchu
410. The Brute Man
411. Last of the Wild Horses
412. Chabelo y Pepito Contra los Monstruos
413. Pan Negro
414. Vorstadtkrokodile 3: Freunde Fur Immer
415. The Master
416. Hellphone
417. Nimmermeer
418. House at the End of the Street
419. Borderland
420. Amors Baller
421. The Nun
422. A Nightmare on Elm Street
423. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
424. Girl vs. Monster
425. Bringing Up Bobby
426. Sinister
427. The Perks of Being a Wallflower
428. Robot & Frank
429. Hansel & Gretel
430. Aro Tolbukhin: In the Mind of a Killer
431. House of Long Shadows
432. Stub, the Best Cowdog in the West
433. Little Dog Lost
434. The Pod People
435. Revolt of the Zombies
436. Finale
437. The Final
438. The Thing from Another World
439. Looper
440. Trick ‘r Treat
441. Listen, Darling


442. A Shot in the Excitment
443. Curses! They Remarked
444. The Beau Brummels
445. The Noise of Bombs
446. Ask Father
447. Get Out & Get Under
448. Haunted Spooks
449. Among Those Present

450. 9.79*
451. A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge
452. Black Rat
453. The Nude Vampire
454. The Rape of the Vampire
455. The Shiver of the Vampire
456. Sexual Chronicles of a French Family
457. The Devil Within Her
458. Muoi: The Legend of a Portrait
459. Magic Silver 2
460. Magic Silver
461. Birdemic: Shock & Terror
462. The Monitor
463. Fun Size
464. Paranormal Activity 4
465. Seven Psychopaths
466. Benji
467. Ghosts of Ole Miss
468. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
469. A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master
470. A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child
471. Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare
472. Wes Craven’s New Nightmare
473. Freddy vs. Jason
474. Gog
475. Requiem for a Vampire
476. Elena
477. Heat Wave
478. Sick Nurses
479. The Pact
480. The Road
481. Queen Margot
482. The Day I Saw Your Heart
483. The Dynamiter
484. Teddy Bear
485. Off White Lies
486. Shun Li and the Poet
487. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
488. ATM
489. Argo
490. War of the Buttons
491. Simon and the Oaks
492. Cloud Atlas
493. Skyfall
494. Wreck-It Ralph
495. A Separation
496. Lady in the Lake
497. On the Ice
498. The American Scream
499. Bernie
500. House of Voices
501. Jiro Dreams of Sushi
502. The Relic
503. Broke
504. Anna Karenina
505. The Other Son
506. Rise of the Guardians
507. Lincoln
508. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2
509. The White Shadow
510. A Christmoose Carol
511. Home Alone: Holiday Heist
512. Life of Pi
513. The Dust Bowl
514. Goats
515. The Aggression Scale
516. The House of Tomorrow
517. Small, Beautifully Moving Parts
518. Holy Motors
519. Alps
520. Rites of Spring
521. Get the Gringo
522. Red Dawn
523. Neighboring Sounds
524. A Trip
525. Casa de mi Padre
526. Flying Swords of Dragon’s Gate
527. Playing for Keeps
528. Beyond the Black Rainbow
529. Parasitic
530. Headhunters
531. Oslo, August 31st
532. Friends with Kids
533. The Bad Intentions
534. Jesus Henry Christ
535. The Devil’s Carnival
536. Kauwboy
537. Deep Blue Sea
538. Abel
539. Klown
540. Hitchcock
541. War Witch
542. A Separation
543. The Barrens
544. Area 407
545. Sound of My Voice
546. Howling
547. The Fields
548. Help for the Holidays
549. Demonia
550. Bones
551. I Am Gabriel
552. It’s a Wonderful life
553. Jack Frost
554. Silent Night
555. Devil’s Rock
556. Take This Waltz
557. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
558. The Salt of Life
559. Once Upon a Time in Anatolia
560. Goodbye First Love
561. Magic Mike
562. Killer Joe
563. A Royal Affair

564. Django Unchained
565. Les Misérables
566. It’s a Wonderful life
567. Jack Frost (1998)
568. Parental Guidance