I Quit: World War Z

As I have proven in the past by watching many more Hellraiser, Friday the 13th and Children of the Corn than I likely would have otherwise; I am at times inclined to watch a series long past its best days being behind it. However, what delineates those examples from, say my treatment of Paranormal Activity, is that in those series there was the impetus of having liked at least one installment. With Paranormal Activity, though I came dangerously close, I’ve not liked one. Yet, I admit to having been a small part of the problem inasmuch as I’ve seen all four at theaters.

It therefore occurred to me, after having been made perfectly aware that I am in a minority opinion on World War Z, that I should publicly decree that I quit the series. Rumors of a sequel I feel may have been a bit premature, even in this day and age, considering the unwieldy production budget, that does not include the promotional blitz, but as it stands fairly strong both here and overseas it seems more likely. I will not contribute to the success of the sequel even out of curiosity. Not during its theatrical release anyway. I know that sequels tend to lower the threshold for financial success, but this is more about principle than any delusion that my ticket makes that much of a difference.

It’s just time to say enough. I could’ve picked another franchise to be the sacrificial lamb, and this seems to be one in the making that I’m fairly sure I’ll never get so I’ve had it. Enough. If you enjoyed it I don’t begrudge you, go and enjoy them all, however many there may be. However, I do encourage you to stand firm regarding another property that you’re patronizing just because, not due to the fact that you really want to see it.

Will I be able to throw down to gauntlet to other behemoths? Maybe not, but it has to start somewhere. I shielded myself as well as I could from outside opinion of World War Z before I saw it. In all honesty, I expected my reaction would be ‘meh’ in the face of many positive reviews. It fell well short of even that unimpressive standard to me and hovers somewhere between atrocious and a travesty in my mind. So I say no more. If you feel as strongly about it or something else I suggest you do the same.