By Any Means Necessary: Tracking Titles

This is a follow-up to a recent post where I revived this idea and made it a theme.

Flixsie is a Roku channel that I just gave a litmus test. It purports to be a search engine for titles available on Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Vudu. After having mentioned Dead Snow yesterday I wanted to see if I could stream it, since it turned out I didn’t have it after all. Flixsie couldn’t find it, but it is available to rent and purchase for Amazon. Maybe it only finds included movies but it didn’t find that one.

In my experience the better methods of tracking films you want to see are the ones I don’t use quite often enough.

For Netflix-available titles my preferred resource is InstantWatcher. It cuts through the malarkey and favoritism on Netflix’s menus and shows it all.

For list-making and film tracking I like Letterboxd.

To see what movies are available, and by what means, I like GoWatchIt.

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