Shameless Self-Promotion: The Bloodmaster Trilogy – Coming Soon!

As you may know, if you happen to have glanced at the about tab, I have in the past published a novella called The Isle of Helyr which is available for the outrageously “high” price of $0.99 USD (Free to borrow for Prime Members, equivalent prices in foreign markets). Not too many people do wander to the About and linger on the main page to see what’s new. Therefore, if you will permit me the occasional digression (hopefully the self-deprecating title of this post helps some) I will have occasion to make announcements regarding side projects here.

As a simple search will prove I am quite a fan of the Cthulhu Mythos. My first novella is in that vein.

However, this post is to announce a forthcoming release. On August 26th I will release on Kindle a three short stories referred to collectively as The Bloodmaster Trilogy.

In a child’s guise comes a demon so uncontrollable he rebelled against Satan himself… a demon for which there is yet to be a vanquisher. In this child’s form comes The Bloodmaster.

It seems we only come to learn of demons as they meet their demise. In the Bloodmaster Trilogy three seemingly disparate tales weave a tapestry of lore chronicling the rise of a demon. These tales make up but a part of this vile demon’s history, and hope to serve as a foundation of understanding of The Bloodmaster’s methods. Somewhere amidst these narratives lies the truth, which is what editor E. Puddota hopes to bring to a populous largely unaware of the terrors this demon has wrought, and might yet create.

This volume chronicles the cases of a mother and son’s vacation gone terribly awry; the Bloodmaster’s damnation of an entire Tennessee town; and the horrors a child had to endure when taken to serve as minion to The Bloodmaster.

The collection will be priced the same ($0.99 USD) and be made available at all Kindle stores worldwide. It may be available to pre-order (uncertain if that’s an option yet). I will update this post. In the meantime you can bookmark my author page.

As for the Mythos, I may return there. Many more readers and reviews may make that a reality (Nothing’s impossible).

I look forward to sharing this deliriously devilish triad of tales shortly and hope you enjoy them. Back to the movies tomorrow, I promise.