Short Film Saturday: The Spirit of Norway

OK, so this one is a little different. I have discussed in posts past how amusement parks can and are pushing audiovisual boundaries. This film isn’t exactly a boundary-pusher, however, owing to the fact that the Norway pavilion in Epcot is being revamped and conquered by Frozen; this is a relic. Norway’s film was without question the shortest and oldest country-dedicated short in Epcot. Add to that the fact that it was played after Maelstrom, the former main attraction in the Norway section, and many people talked and/or walked right through it and on to the next ride, and you can see why it needs attention drawn to it. It was always my favorite, and even if going on the ride multiple times I still watched it. Now that it’s closed it’s good to find there are some captures online. This one is particularly quiet and fairly good. Enjoy, because you can’t see it in person anymore!