Announcement: The Wonderful Ingrid Bergman Blogathon

The last of three blogathon announcements for today: following up the Bergman theme from the last one here I will be covering the one collaboration between Ingmar and Ingrid Bergman (no relation) Autumn Sonata.

The Wonderful World of Cinema

150627-frederika1 It’s not without reasons that Ingrid Bergman is on this year Cannes Festival’s official poster. That’s because, on August 29th 2015, we’ll celebrate her 100th birthday. Of course, Ingrid Bergman is unfortunately no longer with us, but that’s not a reason why we shouldn’t celebrate her. For the occasion, I decided to host my very first blogathon: The Wonderful Ingrid Bergman Blogathon. So, that’s a new step for me as a blogger. Ingrid Bergman is my personal third favourite actress, but she’s also, for me, most talented of them all. She was also a fascinating lady. Of course, this is my personal opinion. I’m sure many of you like her too, so I’m hoping for a high level of participation! The event will take place from August 27th to August 29th 2015. Rules for the blogathon: The rules for this blogathon are quite simple.

1- Pick a subject. You can…

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Announcing the “…And Scene!” Blogathon!

Second reblogged announcement of the day. At the same time I will be partaking in The Classic Movie History Blogathon I will also be contributing to the great “…And Scene! Blogathon” where I will be discussing the repeated scene in Persona.

Sister Celluloid

Breathes there a classic movie lover who has never burst forth with those immortal words…


Well, here’s your chance to sing it loud and proud!

Sister Celluloid presents the “…And Scene!” Blogathon—your chance to go into excruciating detail about your favorite classic film scene (or one of them, anyway—I’d never be so cruel as to ask you to narrow it down any further). The one you replay over and over, so the DVD ( or VHS tape—c’mon, you know you still have them!) has a little groove in it. The one you catch yourself mouthing the words to. The one where your loved ones tiptoe out of the room because they know you’re going to get all weepy or crazy or giddy again. Yeah. That one. Share it here, with your movie people… we know just how you feel!

And just think of it—you don’t even…

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Announcement: The Classic Movie History Project (2015)

I’ve been meaning to keep up on the blogathons I will be a part of by re-blogging for some time. It’s a habit I was not in long enough.

Anyway, this is one I’m very excited to be involved in. I’m taking a small, but very important topic that paved the way for the motion picture before cameras even started rolling: The Muybridge Experiment.

Once upon a screen...

I thank you so much for your interest in this historical blogging event!  Be aware that new and exciting additions have been made to this event.  For complete details please visit the updated announcement.
One of my favorite blogging events of 2014 was the Classic Movie History Project, which was the brainchild of Fritzi Kramer at Movies, Silently.  I, along with Ruth of Silver Screenings, co-hosted the event with Fritzi and we’re all back for a bigger and better second edition.

Following is the official announcement, which was written by Fritzi.  Included throughout this post are the gorgeous event banners – designed by Fritzi.  Ruth has done lots of behind-the-scenes work already and I’ve…uh…been sitting on the sidelines looking pretty.  Or…looking in any case.  But really, I couldn’t be more honored to be a part of this and will promote the heck out of it in hopes you’ll join us…

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