Announcing The William Wellman Blogathon

The name may not be one that immediately jumps out at you, however, when you check William Wellman’s IMDb you realize you likely have seen one of his films. I will be writing about Night Nurse.

Now Voyaging

I recently read the fantastic biography of William Wellman and found myself so inspired by the life and films of this great American director that I decided to do something about it! More to the point, I decided to host my very first blogathon!

Announcing The William Wellman Blogathon!

Love WINGS? Does WESTWARD THE WOMEN get your heart beating? Want to talk about THE OX-BOW INCIDENT? Think that Gary Cooper owes quite a bit to William Wellman and want to share your thoughts? Go for it! You can write about anything and everything related to William Wellman, his life, his films, and his career.

Now for the nitty gritty! This event will run from September 10-13, 2015. I am not assigning days for posts so feel free to post any time during the event. Duplicates are fine so pick any topic you like! Also, this is my first…

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