Short Film Saturday: Peter and the Wolf (1958)

No this is not the version that is wholly animated by Disney, that I previously discussed. Nor is this the live-action/animation blend with a contribution from Chuck Jones. This is a 1958 Soviet produced stop-motion animation version. The narration and intermittent dialogue is not subtitled. However, the Wikipedia blurb on the film should help delineate the variations between this version and the traditional. Aside from length:

The Russian animation studio Soyuzmultfilm produced a version of the work in 1958. It is puppet stop motion animation, directed by Anatoly Karanovich and narrated by I. Medvedyeva. This version makes the following changes to the story:

-In the beginning the bird sees the wolf in the forest and warns Peter’s grandfather, who goes to get the hunters and tells Peter not to leave the fenced-in yard.
– The cat, after failing to catch the bird and duck, goes to the forest to solicit the help of the wolf.
-Peter picks up the duck and runs to safety, leaving the cat outside with the wolf.
-The wolf, not being very particular, eats the cat.