Updates: December 4th, 2015

As the calendar has turned to December it’s time to discuss what’s past and what’s to come, and how it may be different than in past years.

First, as you’ll not above this year will mark the 20th BAM Awards. The shortlist will come out on 24th

Anna Karenina (2012, Focus Features)

The Year-End Dash will still exist to an extent but it won’t feature in a running post or even that many daily reviews. I will try and rack up eligible reviews and do have much of this month, and the first quarter of 2016, scheduled with something.


Oh, Oskar. Yes, he will be coming back in a series of posts. I need to get to drafting the next few sections. You can read the series-to-date starting here.

Pit Pony (1997, Cochran Entertainment)

I have upcoming blogathon contributions like O Canada and the Backstage Blogathon, and a few recent contributions like Grace Kelly, the Swashathon, and another cartoon post.

The Movie Rat

This blog may have been a bit too set in its ways, but as I recently discussed I want to be more diversified even while sticking to some old themes. As I try and balance many interests, life changes, and changes here there may be some irregularity in posting new content, I hope to get “new” release reviews up again soon, but I hope to continue to tweak and improve this site and hope you’ll be willing to come along for the ride. Thanks all!