Updates: August 31st, 2016

As you may have noticed, not only if you look at the dates on my posts, but also if you read these Updates.

I’ve been in the process of becoming an adoptive father. Now that a new school year has kicked off I should be here, and watching movies, more frequently.

As for reviews, they are forthcoming. I’ve seen five so far this week. I just have to get to writing them. When they’re ready you’ll see them here.

Other things to look forward to are Blogathon participations…


Dual Role Banners

I will be covering a Freddie Highmore film out quite a few years before his run on Bates MotelThe Spiderwick Chronicles wherein he played twins.

The Spiderwick Chronicles (2008, Nickelodeon/Paramount)



The topic I will be covering for this blogathon will be Films as an Exploration of Human Sexuality. Now, I know that sounds like a dissertation title. However, the approach I’m planning on is a bit freeform, personal, and as all encompassing as I can be with such a huge topic.



Last, but certainly not least. I will be talking about a certain circus element in film. Thanks to the guidelines that allow me to go outside the bigtop, as long as some elements leave with me; I decided to write about Stephen King’s It (1990).


Can’t wait for these and I hope you feel the same!

In Memoriam: Gene Wilder (1933-2016)


The deaths in 2016 have put me down in the dumps more often than not. Usually, the case has been that I couldn’t even find the words to write an In Memoriam, as I have on a few occasions in the past.

This one I felt compelled to comment on late in the day saying:

That would not cut it for this blog. Neither would needlessly pointing out that Condescending Wonka memes are so pervasive it makes you forget how great a film that really is.

He and Richard Pryor on screen together was such a staple of my childhood that they are to me the among the great comedy teams to me.


What kept coming to mind were the scenes he was in, the laughs I had. And so, what better way to remember him than to share some of the ones I’ve found in my YouTube reminiscing. Enjoy!