In Memoriam: Gene Wilder (1933-2016)


The deaths in 2016 have put me down in the dumps more often than not. Usually, the case has been that I couldn’t even find the words to write an In Memoriam, as I have on a few occasions in the past.

This one I felt compelled to comment on late in the day saying:

That would not cut it for this blog. Neither would needlessly pointing out that Condescending Wonka memes are so pervasive it makes you forget how great a film that really is.

He and Richard Pryor on screen together was such a staple of my childhood that they are to me the among the great comedy teams to me.


What kept coming to mind were the scenes he was in, the laughs I had. And so, what better way to remember him than to share some of the ones I’ve found in my YouTube reminiscing. Enjoy!












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