A New Year’s Eve Party in a Post

“Is that crap almost over?”parents who are hiding out in the other room as their kids watch Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice ask themselves everyday, but also billions of people tonight wondering what time it is on New Year’s Eve.

For those in agreement about the latter notion, I figured I’d cobble some music video moments to make those final hours of 2016 a bit more tolerable. Some of these I featured on Music Video Monday posts, some are just good songs.

Let’s start by noting that Sarah Hyland can sing…

The kids in Stranger Things know how to pick music videos…

“I’m So Humble” from Popstar on The Voice

A Tribe Called Quest on SNL

George Michael sings “Somebody to Love”

David Bowie  “Changes” live, which features the lyric The Breakfast Club quotes.

Madonna & Prince “Love Song”

Now some Robin Packalen in English…

And since I’m working toward some BAM Award nominations, here are some  Best (Original) Song winners to add to the party…

2012 Ricky Koole “You Are the One” Kauwboy

2010 Never Say Never Justin Bieber (feat. Jaden Smith) The Karate Kid

2009 Quiero que Me Quieras Gael Garcia Bernal Rudo y Cursi

2008 A Capella rendition of Sweet Child O’Mine by Tom Davis, Kathryn Hahn, Lurie Poston and Elizabeth Yozamp in Step Brothers

2005 America (Fuck Yeah) Team America: World Police

2004 Vois Sur Ton Chemin The Cast (Soloist: Jean-Baptiste Maunier) Le Choristes

2003 Toi, mon amour mon ami Virginie Ledoyen and Ludivine Sagnier 8 Femmes