2023 on The Movie Rat

Since Pestilence has made itself omnipresent in our lives things have been slow on this blog.

However, even before this New Year began I started working on making this year more active on this blog than 2022 was, with the most recent post being in June.

The first bit of business is that the BAM Awards will be occurring with nominations coming on January 23rd and honorees being announced on March 11th. Each a day before the Oscars do their thing. Yes, I will live blog the Oscars if only since at this rate Timothée Chalamet will likely be in a sheer dress.

But there will be short films posted, some reviews, and if I get to writing them some thoughts on the current state of things because Warner Bros. Discovery by themselves are giving us all enough to be angry about.

More to follow soon. Happy new year, such as it is.