Short Film Saturday Kid Warrior: The Xiuhtezcatl Martinez Story

Keeping this topic alive and varied this week I offer a short documentary about a young man who is an activist and fighting for awareness and solutions to fight climate change and making a positive difference. It’s inspiring and well-crafted, I won’t spoil the details. It’s well worth a watch.

Short Film Saturday: Peter and the Wolf (1958)

No this is not the version that is wholly animated by Disney, that I previously discussed. Nor is this the live-action/animation blend with a contribution from Chuck Jones. This is a 1958 Soviet produced stop-motion animation version. The narration and intermittent dialogue is not subtitled. However, the Wikipedia blurb on the film should help delineate the variations between this version and the traditional. Aside from length:

The Russian animation studio Soyuzmultfilm produced a version of the work in 1958. It is puppet stop motion animation, directed by Anatoly Karanovich and narrated by I. Medvedyeva. This version makes the following changes to the story:

-In the beginning the bird sees the wolf in the forest and warns Peter’s grandfather, who goes to get the hunters and tells Peter not to leave the fenced-in yard.
– The cat, after failing to catch the bird and duck, goes to the forest to solicit the help of the wolf.
-Peter picks up the duck and runs to safety, leaving the cat outside with the wolf.
-The wolf, not being very particular, eats the cat.


Short Film Saturday: Bedfellows


No, Short Film Saturday is not over. When scheduling in advance I had horror films slated for the 61 Days of Halloween slot, and wasn’t watching many other shorts so there was a hiatus. When I watch some more I’ll keep the schedule filled. Enjoy. 


At this point it’s likely you’ve discovered this film. However, one of the issues that the Internet presents is that “If it’s not new, it’s not worth it” seems to be the mantra. This is a highly effective, creepy short worth your few minutes.

Short Film: Headlong


Quite a few notes before this one.

First, since this post I’ve shaken up the schedule a bit so it’s a rare non-Saturday short film.

Second, this is a post that is a repurposing of an old-school Mini-Review Round-Up post. As stated here I am essentially done with running multi-film review posts. Each film deserves its own review. Therefore I will repost, and at times add to, old reviews periodically.

Lastly, it’s also the rare occasion on a Short Film Saturday where I will not link directly to an upload of the short film, but you can rent it for $0.99 for three days, link at the very bottom (below the trailer). Enjoy!

Headlong (a.k.a Corps perdu)

Typically in January when the release calendar is light of things really worth taking too long and hard a look at I get to browsing the IMDb for upcoming releases from the previous year’s standouts. That’s how I came to learn of the existence of this short film which stars Young Actor nominee Jelle Florizoone and co-stars Thomas Coumans, who worked with him in North Sea Texas.

Now being a short of about 17 minute I don’t want to discuss it too closely, but I can share two thoughts; one of my own and one from the film’s director. My biggest takeaway from Headlong is that it’s a lovely portrait not just of a fleeting encounter, but also of how a souvenir earns significance in a person’s life. The second is from the film’s director, Lukas Dhont, in an interview:

The main thing I tried was to make a film that could be interpreted as a love story but just as easily as something else. This tension between characters and openness in interpretation is the thing I’m still most happy with. I don’t really like gay shorts that evolve just around the gay eroticism.


You can rent it here:

Boys on Film X from Peccadillo Pictures on Vimeo.